The supplement can help to lose fat long after the exercise

by Bhushan

Posted on March 17, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Healthy bacteria create an appetite suppressant which may enhance the impact of a weight reduction regimen based on exercise.

We are well known for the many health benefits of daily exercise. However, the effect on weight loss becomes less evident as exercise stimulates appetite, potentially leading to an increased intake of calories.

New research that appears in the Metabolism journal provides a potential solution.

The research comes from the Centre for Environmental Science at the Scottish Universities, the Universities of Glasgow and the West of Scotland, and Imperial College in London, both of which are in the UK.

It indicates that adding a certain medication that suppresses appetite after regular exercise increases the probability of weight loss, even without a dietary adjustment.

A fascinating supplement

The research explored an extension called inulin-propionate ester (IPE).

Propionate is a short-chain fatty acid formed by intestinal microbes in the digestion of dietary fiber. This is a normal, effective suppressant of appetite.

Propionate breaks down easily in the body so scientists have chemically bound it to inulin to strengthen its effect. This is garlic, artichoke, chicory, and onion fiber popular to Jerusalem. The result will be IPE.

As the contributing author of the report, Douglas Morrison says, "at the moment there is a great deal of concern in how our gut microbiota impacts our health and wellness."

Previous work by the scientists showed that the use of IPE as a dietary supplement decreased the rate at which the body oxidizes, or burns, fat while at rest.

The study also showed IPE reducing the desire to consume high calorie foods. For starters, those who gave all the pasta they could consume were ended up eating 10 per cent less than they would usually eat.

Their recent research has confirmed that IPE will improve a normal workout program's weight loss results without triggering dietary adjustments.

As Morrison states, "What we were able to illustrate for the first time is that this latter influence occurs as exercise is applied to daily consumption of IPE." The research did not investigate the feasibility of a diet for weight reduction and workouts and IPE.

The study involved 20 women aged 25–45. Everyone had a body mass index (BMI) above 25. The trial lasted for 4 weeks.

The team had the participants split into two groups of 10. Both parties take part in mild fitness programs.

One community got an IPE supplement, the other a placebo supplement containing cellulose. During the study, all patients retained their normal eating habits.

The researchers used blood and gas samples to assess the resting fat oxidation levels of each human, both before and after the study. They were gathered prior to breakfast, after breakfast, and after lunch.

Following the experiments, the subjects who exercised while taking the placebo reported little difference to their fat oxidation levels.

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