What are the benefits of generic drugs?

by Bhushan

Posted on March 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM

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The high costs often associated with prescription drugs will make complying with a doctor's instructions impossible for some patients. Many health conditions allow people to remain on a prescribed drug to alleviate symptom severity or survive with less pain. If premiums are a barrier to the regular use of certain prescriptions, patients may want to explore alternatives for generic drugs rather than carrying out their prescriptions. Those who use generic drugs are in good company because generic drugs make up 90 percent of United States-filled prescriptions.

Generic Products Can Be As Good As Their Alternatives to Brand Name

Generic drug replacements are an effective option for patients, approved by the FDA. These medications are similar in a number of categories to their brand name equivalent including type, dose, strength, health, consistency, expected use and performance characteristics. The generic option is deemed bioequivalent.

Patients can save disposable resources

Generic drugs can cost an estimated 85 percent less than the medicines they are intended to duplicate according to the FDA. How could it be? The studies conducted with brand-name drugs need not be repeated with their bioequivalent generic replacement, helping to cut their costs dramatically.

Generic Drugs Help Keep down on U.S. prices

It is not just doctors who benefit from generic high-quality medications. The Accessible Medicines Association estimated that, over the last 10 years, benefits from generic drugs for the U.S. health care system amounted to $1.67 trillion. As healthcare costs continue to rise, it is crucial that generic options continue to be developed and made available to consumers, as this may help slow the growth in healthcare costs frequently passed on to patients.

To find alternatives to many popular brand-name medications, patients don't need to study much. There are surprisingly large quantities of common medications with generic equivalents of high quality since there are more than 12,000 generic drugs available to consumers. For example, you can substitute the allergy medication, Allegra, with Fexofenadine. Warfarin can replace another common blood-thinning medicine, Coumadin.

By contrast with their generic counterparts, patients are three times more likely to abandon advertised drugs and often this dumping is directly related to high copays. Generic drugs are an accessible and affordable option when it comes to serving the many people who need to take prescription medication, which can increase the likelihood that consumers can go through with doctor-recommended treatment.

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